Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dulcimerhead hosts Loretto Reid and Friends at "Jam for Pam! " November 14, The Grey Goat (upstairs) Newmarket Ontario

Dulcimerhead is very excited to be hosting a concert benefit THIS SATURDAY in Newmarket, Ontario -- the Jam for Pam!

Saturday evening at 7pm, join us upstairs at the Grey Goat Pub for music and fun with renowned Juno-nominated Celtic musician Loretto Reid. She has even invited some members of Glass Tiger to come and play with her! As you may know, Loretto Reid and Glass Tiger collaborated on Hawk One, music celebrating the theme of 100 years of powered flight in Canada. You can find the video on YouTube or by visiting the Glass Tiger website It sounds like Sam Reid and Al Connelly, keyboardist and guitarist with Glass Tiger, will be generously donating their talents to the cause.

The cause: to support our friend Pam during a difficult time. Anyone who has ever visited the Clean Food Connection on Main Street Newmarket has probably come away happier because of the uplifting spirit of this amazing woman. Now, we are given the opportunity to make her day a bit brighter, so we hope you will come and help out. Bring your intruments and jam with Dulcimerhead and friends, if you are inclined!

The Grey Goat Pub is located at 74 Main Street South, Newmarket. The concert begins at 7pm; tickets are a suggested donation of $25.00 for a whole evening of amazing musical entertainment. For more details, please visit www.davidrankineart.com/Pam.htm!

All the proceeds of the silent auction go directly to Pam -- you can see some of the amazing items below, and there are also many contributions of creative or healing services as well. To see more of the unique items available, please visit http://www.davidrankineart.com/Silentauction.htm

BIG THANK YOU to Loretto Reid, Sam Reid, and Al Connelly for their generous spirits in making this event happen. Also thank you to Dulcimerhead (David Rankine, Daniela Godina and Fernando Villalobos) for managing and hosting the event, and to Andrew for help with sound. Thank you to David Rankine for creating the web page, designing posters and facilitating the paypal donations. (Paypal donations can be received if you can't attend the event, by email to drankine9@hotmail.com, with "For Pam" in the subject line.)

And a big thank you to Katy, Lisa Christine, Bob at the Clean Food Connection, Mary Jane, all the silent auction donors and others who have come together to spread the word and support Pam.

This is a sample of Pam's Ketaya Celtstone work, approximately 5" in diameter, painted on stone with a copper spiral hanger attached so it can be displayed on your wall. Image depicts the seasons changing around the Tree of Life.

A glowing pink Himalayan salt lamp, with wooden base and easy-to-install electrical connection. Approximately 12" high and 6" in diameter. Available at the wonderful local lapidary store, Rock of Ages.

A beautiful set of "Community" silver-plated cutlery; an almost-full set of 7 teaspoons, 8 soup spoons, 8 dessert forks, 8 dinner forks and 8 knives.

Make a bid for clean, healthy, local, organic food!

Our friends at The Clean Food Connection have donated a Veggie Pak -- maybe you didn't know you can order their food directly from their website or at any of their stores, and have it delivered! For more details, please visit The Clean Food Connection If we are very lucky, the owner and founder, Bob Burrows, will be up there onstage jamming with us on Saturday. Because guess what? He is a Canadian music legend! Betcha didn't know THAT. Bobby Kris and the Imperials

Who knows what other secret identities will be revealed at this gig??

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