Monday, December 29, 2008

Creativity can make a big difference!

Hope everyone is surviving the holidays!
Dulcimerhead is taking a well-deserved break but will be back soon with an awesome new CD and more live events!

Despite the dire economic predictions, I PERSONALLY predict that 2009 is going to be a year when people dig down and do something meaningful with their lives.

It's time, right? The economy is in the crapper, but people are discovering that the Dow Jones is not actually a measure of happiness. Yes, there will be less cash and fewer toys -- and this is the time to find out what money can and can't buy.

At one time, humans used their creativity to invent complicated economic systems and ways to measure them. But at its base, our economic system is not much more than a confidence game that world governments play with individual consumers. So, best not to waste too much time doing the "rabbit in the headlights" thang. A state of panic is a great way to keep us all in a fear-based frame of mind so we will mindlessly follow our leaders.

Dulcimerhead has always been a band that focusses on the MOST renewable resource of them all -- human creativity. At past gigs, Dulcimerhead has raised funds and goods for the York Region Food Network -- because it is plain wrong that people should not have secure access to healthy food. Creativity -- not technology -- is a way to address inequities like this one.

One fantastic example of this is!
I have been watching this site since October 2007 -- thinking it was too good to be true, I checked it out on the scambusters sites. It is on the UNESCO World Food Program website as well, so it must be on the level! Check it out, and marvel at the simplicity of this tool to raise awareness and funds for the world food shortage.

A few clicks can make a difference! Each of us might only be one click on the big screen, but see how it adds up, given a positive direction.

So in 2009, let's try to be creative and remember -- we ARE the economy. We can choose.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Power of Creativity: Introducing Dulcimerhead!

Welcome to a new Dulcimerhead Blog!

This is an out-and-out fan site. No apologies will be made for outright gushing when the situation calls for it. Dulcimerhead is an original, improvisational, rule-breaking, community-building indie creativity engine. Their rich blend of influences spans folk-prog rock, thrash metal and world music. When they play, people get happy.

This fan site is designed to be a source for people who want to get to know this band, see them play live, and buy their CDs.

If you check out the sites at and, you will see that there is a lot more than music going on. And this blog will be adding new info and photos weekly, if not daily.

There's art, there's creation, there's awareness, there's a meaning to it all! --

And you are welcome to come along and discover Dulcimerhead for yourself.

Agent L