Friday, June 19, 2009

Ushering in the Summer Solstice -- Music, Dance, Dulcimerhead!

Join Dulcimerhead and a group of dedicated Viking cultural re-enactors as they co-create music, dance and ritual to celebrate the coming of the Summer Solstice!

Festival coordinator Nesrin Meral is hosting the Vinland Viking Market and Summer Solstice Celebration event and decided Dulcimerhead music would add a new dimension to the ceremonies. In ancient European pagan cultures, this was the most important day of the calendar.

Dulcimerhead -- David Rankine, Fernando Villalobos and Daniela Godina -- were inspired to launch a musical project that would capture the spirit of Viking exploration, their strong connection to the spirit world, and the importance of HOME to these seafaring adventurers. You can hear more of this haunting and melodic music at

The June 2009 CD entitled "Eastern Voyage, Western Shore" is meant to evoke a sense memory of Viking emigration and settlement in North America. Click below to view the first live performance of their anthem "Cup of Plenty" -- a song about the triumph of creativity in adversity, and the celebration of homecoming. (Performed at Windfall Ecology Festival, Newmarket, 2009!)

You can take part in the festivities this weekend! June 20th, come visit the Vinland Viking Market, see artisans at work and their authentic handicrafts, battles, food, entertainment -- then stay the evening for the magic of the Solstice Celebration! Dulcimerhead brings exciting new music to accompany traditional Belarusian dance in celebrating the longest night of the year.

For more details about the event -- which takes place in Wainfleet, Ontario on private land -- please visit

See you at the Viking Village!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

See Dulcimerhead at the Windfall Ecology Festival, Newmarket!

OK, Folks!

Dulcimerhead's latest incarnation opens Windfall Ecology Festival in Newmarket at 10am, June 13 & 14, 2009 on the Solar Powered World Music Stage. They have an exciting new CD full of triumphantly rocking anthems, totally in sync with the forward-looking positive energy of this fantastic festival. David Rankine, Fernando Villalobos and new bandmate Daniela Godina will be rocking out with their "Western Voyage, Eastern Shore" material.

YOUR task is to take a blanket and a picnic and prepare to bask in the grooviness of the Windfall Ecology Festival, in Newmarket's Fairy Lake Park. It is a well-organized, eclectic gathering of musicians, exciting presentations, all-natural and organic treats, geese (they come with the park), and everything you might want to know about technology available to reduce your carbon footprint and live more sustainably.

There's just too much to tell you about, so get complete details of the events in store for you, at:
Want to try the hot new "instant-networking-for-the-environment" initiative -- Green Drinks?? Mike Nickerson -- activist, educator and author of "Life, Money and Illusion: living on earth as if we want to stay" -- will be hosting one Saturday Night. For a sneak preview of his fascinating work, check out

To hear Dulcimerhead's new powerhouse track "Cup of Plenty" -- which contains my new personal mantra and a powerful antidote to our current Recession Panic -- you could visit Dulcimerhead's press kit on Sonicbids.

View Dulcimerhead's Sonicbids EPK
View Dulcimerhead's EPK

Imagine starting every day by looking in the mirror and saying "If you can make something out of nothing, you're already there!" A gathering like Windfall is the same kind of encouragement. It's good to get out there and see each other, doing our best to make the world a better place. And Daniela Godina's powerful voice and lyrics are the best Feng Shui for your brain. :)

So, we'll see you out there! And be sure to get some henna from Dave Rankine, while you're there!!!