Tuesday, April 12, 2011

See you in Sharon! Spiritfest III on April 16, 2011

What an exciting experience this is going to be! And we never know how it is going to turn out, once the stage is set and everybody arrives...

Spiritfest presents a third adventure in creativity, in support of the York Region Food Network. We never want to forget that there are people hungry in this affluent area, and we have unlimited imagination to make sure everyone has what they need, if we have the will. The theme of the day is that when people connect via creativity, we are stronger than our individual parts, and able to be agents in our own lives instead of pawns. So -- community building, art, music, poetry and workshops will be going on all day long as part of this message!

The festival takes place in the Sharon Temperance Hall, on the grounds of the beautiful Sharon Temple. From 11am to 4pm, we present the festival; then at 7pm, David Rankine will launch his new CD of meditative music, entitled "Healing Space." Tickets are $20 and include a copy of the CD!

The schedule for the day is fairly informal, but includes things like:

a butter-making demonstration by the curatorial staff of Sharon Temple
a demonstration of heraldry by Linda Laforge of the Great Northern Medieval Fayre
a Feng Shui workshop
a Sacred Geometry and Community Building workshop
a drum circle with extra drums for beginners to try out! at NOON
a kids' folk concert at 2pm
an ongoing collaborative art project for everyone to take part in
a take-home art activity for kids
poetry performances
and music performances throughout the day!

Admission, believe it or not, is FREE from 11-4pm, so your family can enjoy a day of creative adventures. Donations to the York Region Food Network would be very much appreciated...

Many artisans, practitioners and performers have generously contributed their talents to this event. I would need ten posts to do them justice! For now, I will post some beautiful photos of the kind of handcrafted one-of-a-kind items you will find at Spiritfest... that will be posted later today.

Stay tuned! And see you This Saturday!

For now, enjoy these photos by David Draper, of previous festivals...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spiritfest 2011 is coming April 16th! Find out more!

We are excited to announced that Spiritfest: Celebrating Creativity -- a wonderful one-day intentional community of artists, musics and creatives -- will be taking on a third incarnation in Sharon, Ontario.

Join us April 16th for an all-day free festival, ending with an evening CD launch concert of Dave Rankine's Healing Space CD.

More details coming -- watch this space!